Benefits of content marketing

Content marketing is a long term strategy that nurtures stakeholder engagement towards business growth. Through sharing high quality, varied and useful content such as blogs, videos, infographics and guides or e-books, you pitch yourself as a knowledgable expert whilst also giving something of value to your followers. Naturally, this all lends credibility to your business - along with a bucket load of other benefits.


A Massive Thank You

Thank you very much to everyone who joined us at our Marketing with Meaning - It Starts With Why Workshop.

We hope that you enjoyed the Yorkshire Business Festival as much as we did, we loved sharing our knowledge with you and chatting about your businesses and potential plans for the future.

Trade shows and to make them successful!

For many businesses, trade shows and conferences are an effective element in the marketing plan. In order to maximise the return on your investment it's important to do some prior preparation.

So ahead of our attendance at the Yorkshire Business Festival, Why Marketing share our top tips on making the most of conference attendance. 

Marketing With Meaning: It Starts With Why.

Join WHY Marketing for the second free business session of the day hosted at The Yorkshire Business Festival, Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate. 

Marketing With Meaning: It Starts With Why.
Wednesday, 13th September; 11:30am to 12:15pm 
Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate 

Why Do... Coffee With A Difference

6th July 2017; 11:30am – 1pm
Why Marketing HQ, Leeds
Special Guest: Alan Reynolds, Author

Internal Marketing: What’s The Big Deal?

When you're busy building your business, delivering great products and services to your customers and focusing on your external marketing campaigns, it can be easy to overlook an obvious marketing channel; your first and foremost market… Your workforce.

Social Media: Why Bother?

Your online brand presence is significantly enhanced by an active and engaging social media strategy. Merely being an observer of social channels gives you insight into the goings-on within your industry and your local community, whilst keeping you updated on competitor activity. More than this though, through regular interaction with your followers, the local media, thought leaders and other relevant stakeholders, you make a serious impact on your businesses reputation and your bottom line. Below we have detailed just a few benefits for being social media savvy.

A New Pad for Why Marketing

Those who follow us on social media will already be aware that this month we have been shouting about the very exciting news of our move into a brand new office space. The brand new Why Marketing HQ has lots more space to accommodate our expanding team, all the big ideas we curate and the partners and clients with whom we work on collaborative marketing projects.

When social media posts go wrong ...

Social media has become a mirror of our daily lives, and a portal that gives a carefully constructed insight into the brands and people we follow. This can be a powerful privilege – nowadays, it’s easier to keep in touch than ever – but it also comes with risks. 

When communicating with your friends, family and customers online, it’s remarkably easy for things to be misconstrued. The consequences can range from the hilarious to the downright embarrassing, so take a leaf out of our book by steering clear of these common pitfalls:

Top Apps for Busy People

As office and work culture melts further into our leisure time, demanding that we are switched on and capable at all hours of the day, there are dozens of apps to lighten the mental load. Here are a few of our favourites

Will You #JustTell10?

What was the last thing that shocked you so deeply that it moved you to act? 

Maybe you felt helpless so you chose to move on, turn a blind eye and tried to forget; after-all, some problems are just too immense to tackle alone.

The Why Marketing team was faced with this dilemma recently – when one of our clients stunned us all into complete and horrified silence, before inspiring us to create the #JustTell10 campaign.

Out of sight, out of mind

When your business is booming, it can be easy to lose touch with the customers who helped you to get established in the first place, but those contacts could be out there needing your services right now.

Pareto’s Law dictates that 20% of your customers will deliver 80% of your work – so what’s your strategy for retaining that 20%? Once the deal is done and delivered, what happens next? It’s so much easier to maintain relationships and win business from that faithful 20% than to prove yourself to someone brand new. So, do you have a plan? Here are our top tips for keeping those relationships cosy and fruitful.

Room To Grow: The Importance of Perspective in Business

It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day running of your business, especially when you’re in demand. Keeping clients happy, managing your team and paying the bills tends to push longer term planning into the back seat.

Marketing is one such area that often lacks the attention it deserves. We often hear “I don’t have time”, “I don’t need one, I have plenty of work” or even; “that stuff is just for big businesses, it’s not relevant to me”.

A well-thought out and regularly revisited marketing plan is a roadmap for business success.

People Buy From People: Defining Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is every bit as important as your company brand. When push comes to shove, people buy from people; so giving clients, prospects and associates a glimpse of your personality will build crucial trust and rapport.

But how do you define your personal brand, and what sets successful entrepreneurs and professionals apart from the rest? Why Marketing explores the essential elements of your personal brand…

Building a Website is like Building a Home – Here’s Why

All too often, we see websites thrown together in a hurry and left to go stale as their launch goes unnoticed by the rest of the digital world. This is a huge shame and a missed opportunity for the brands behind these websites, especially as it becomes ever more difficult to stand out online.

To understand the process of designing, developing and launching a website, think of it as your virtual home. Let’s take a look at how building your site is very much like building a house…

What’s New at Why Marketing?

It’s been a fantastic few months for Why Marketing, as 2016 gets off to a flying start. As well as helping our clients map out their strategies for the year ahead, we’ve been busy bringing some plans of our own to fruition.

We thought we’d take a moment to share our exciting news and developments, to update you on what’s been happening at Why Marketing:

While the Cat’s Away: Managing Leave Within Your Marketing Team

Holidays, sick leave and maternity leave can upset the apple cart for any business. With one less person to tackle the workflow, it can be tempting to scale back on aspects of your business that aren’t vital to the day-to-day running of your operations. However, marketing is one business function that shouldn’t be neglected for any period of time.

Enlisting external support is a smart solution for businesses facing constraints on their time, filling the gap left by an employee whilst bringing long-term benefits to your organisation. How? Why? Let us explain…

Don’t Get Social Media? Don’t Worry – Here’s Why

Every man and his dog seem to be on social media nowadays, which can be a daunting prospect for non-digital natives. With a growing emphasis on social media for marketing, you may feel that your business is missing out if you haven’t got a strong social media presence – especially if yours is non-existent. But how important is social media in the modern marketing mix? And will businesses that aren’t social-savvy get left behind?

We’re here to explain why you don’t need to worry if you’re yet to conquer these online platforms.

Strategy for Success: Making Sure Your Marketing Works

Most business leaders understand the importance of marketing. However, beyond this basic understanding, very few organisations have a strategy and process in place to make sure that their efforts get the best possible results. For CEOs and MDs with hundreds of other priorities, it isn’t hard to see why marketing is sometimes viewed as a burden; particularly if the results aren’t clear to see.

Can’t see the wood for the trees? We’ve got some tips to fine-tune your marketing strategy and ensure that it delivers a great return on investment.