Will You #JustTell10?

What was the last thing that shocked you so deeply that it moved you to act? Maybe you felt helpless so you chose to move on, turn a blind eye and tried to forget; after-all, some problems are just too immense to tackle alone.

The Why Marketing team was faced with this dilemma recently – when one of our clients stunned us all into complete and horrified silence, before inspiring us to create the #JustTell10 campaign.

We were meeting a publisher with whom we have worked for a while. He bought along an author - David Skivington - to discuss the promotion of his latest novel; Blessed, Bound and Broken. As we discussed the ‘Why’ behind this particular campaign, we started to learn about the inspiration behind the book – and this is what shocked and appalled us; just as it had affected David whilst on his travels in India.

Imagine …A world where your beliefs compel you to dedicate your 7-year-old daughter to a lifetime of ritual sex slavery. And that this sacrifice is the only way to bestow blessings and good fortune upon your family and your village community. That your refusal to follow this superstition will curse your family and those around you forever. To as many as 250,000 women and girls living in Southern India today, this is reality. They are trapped in a world of relentless abuse, prostitution, disease and despair. They are trapped existing as Jogini.


David’s motivation (his ‘Why’) was to raise awareness of this terrible plight through his book, which places a fictional character into the reality of a Jogini. He wanted to gift 1 million free downloads of the book on Anti-Slavery Day (October 18th), with this aim in mind.

The reality is, this isn’t his true ‘why’. Raising awareness simply isn’t enough, because you are left wanting to do something, to help make a difference.

And so our #JustTell10 campaign was born, encouraging supporters to do three very simple things in a bid to save 10 lives at a time;

  1. Share:
    Tell 10 people about the cause, and encourage them to #JustTell10 others. (@JustTell10 / Facebook/JustTell10)

  2. Download:
    Blessed, Bound and Broken for free from October 17-21st in support of Anti-Slavery Day (October 18th). Available at justtell10.org.

  3. Pledge:  Help us to lift 10 women out of slavery by visiting our fundraising page.

£1000 provides education and safe shelter for 1 girl for 1 year.

£10,000 funds a girl through education into her chosen career and gives her all of the support she needs to nurture her independence – for her entire lifetime.

£100,000 will save 10 lives and represents our fundraising target. All funds go to the Dalit Freedom Network for this purpose.

Why Marketing fully supports #JustTell10 as its nominated charity for 2016. Find out more about our campaign at justtell10.org.

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