Internal Marketing: What’s The Big Deal?

When you're busy building your business, delivering great products and services to your customers and focusing on your external marketing campaigns, it can be easy to overlook an obvious marketing channel; your first and foremost market… Your workforce.

Don’t place marketing in a silo

Your employees are your internal customers, and can be an incredibly powerful communications channel to support your external marketing efforts, reinforce your brand and improve your overall business performance.

An informed workforce is committed to your business’s aims and objectives – all engaged to pull in the same direction and invested in the same purpose. Internal marketing creates an environment that enables you to focus on marginal gains, refining your internal processes and outputs in order to enhance your external marketplace performance.

Your internal marketing program should be designed to maximise this market, to ensure that your employees are customer-orientated and working together as a team towards the recognised shared goals of the business.

Happy team = Happy customers = Increased profits.

Internal marketing contributes to better customer experiences by aligning, coordinating, and motivating employees. You will nurture a customer-oriented workforce and improved external business relationships, a better flow of information internally. Empowered employees who are very satisfied in their jobs, feel valued and will champion your business. This, in turn, nurtures a genuine sense of belonging to the “team,” responsibility and accountability to employers.

Not only this though – there are numerous business benefits including improved recruitment of like-minded individuals, specifically chosen to enhance your desired culture and brand values; and employee retention – which directly hits your bottom line through cost savings.

Time to plan?

Once you purposefully begin to develop an internal marketing plan, you will begin to realise new possibilities for leveraging your external marketing efforts – and you’ll have the support of a whole team of brand ambassadors to champion your cause!

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