Out of sight, out of mind

When your business is booming, it can be easy to lose touch with the customers who helped you to get established in the first place, but those contacts could be out there needing your services right now.

Pareto’s Law dictates that 20% of your customers will deliver 80% of your work – so what’s your strategy for retaining that 20%? Once the deal is done and delivered, what happens next? It’s so much easier to maintain relationships and win business from that faithful 20% than to prove yourself to someone brand new. So, do you have a plan? Here are our top tips for keeping those relationships cosy and fruitful.

1. Express your gratitude

Once you’ve done a great job, saying thank you for a customer’s business really does make a good impression (as my mum always says, it doesn’t cost a penny to be nice). It’s also true that you’ll rarely get what you don’t ask for – so always encourage happy clients to refer you to their own connections.

2. Be memorable

We all have a business acquaintance who recalls our favourite football team or our children’s names and always asks after them, congratulates us on our successes and is unfailingly helpful and happy to chat. (Gold stars to those who sent me cards to congratulate me on the birth of my daughter, and those who have kept in touch over the years despite our ever-evolving careers and changing personal circumstances).

A little bit of effort in getting to know your customers on a personal level helps to nurture a great relationship in the longer term, lets you stay in touch every now-and-then and - most importantly of all - makes your customer feel valued.

3. Pop the kettle on

Sometimes it’s enough simply to say “hello” – is it time to pick up the phone and arrange a few coffee dates with your valued existing client base? Why not use that time spent on your daily commute to make a few calls? Give it a try and you might be surprised to find that you are making an appearance at just the right moment to pick up some business.

4. Get connected and nurture your tribe

Your happy customers could be amazing advocates for your business. Encouraging them to shout about how awesome you are is truly the most effective form of marketing out there. Promote your social media presence, get connected, interact with your clients online and maintain a healthy flow of interesting posts to keep everyone engaged. Being ‘ever present’ in this very subtle way will increase your chances of being top of mind the next time a customer needs your services.


Need some help with your retention strategy? This stuff is our bread and butter, so drop us a line and we'll make you a brew! Once you know why, the how is easy!

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