People Buy From People: Defining Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is every bit as important as your company brand. When push comes to shove, people buy from people; so giving clients, prospects and associates a glimpse of your personality will build crucial trust and rapport.

But how do you define your personal brand, and what sets successful entrepreneurs and professionals apart from the rest? Why Marketing explores the essential elements of your personal brand…

Be Authentic

Authenticity is key when building your personal brand. Just because Lord Sugar and Deborah Meaden thrive on a hard-nosed, no-nonsense image, doesn’t mean you should replicate the classic TV personality. Besides, not everyone warms to an aggressive entrepreneur – quite the opposite!

The most important thing in business is to be yourself. Whether you naturally take a soft approach or you’re a fiery, passionate person, you’ll always find likeminded clients and colleagues that gravitate to the same way of working. Don’t worry about fitting in – embrace your identity and you’re bound to flourish.

Be Consistent

It’s natural to have good days and bad days, but try to refrain from those angry LinkedIn rants and woe-is-me tales when catching up with clients. Every touchpoint with your audience, whether it’s online, over the phone, or face to face, should be as consistent as possible.

So whilst authenticity is key, it’s important to maintain a few barriers. Save any moans and letting your hair down for friends and relatives, to avoid creating a Jekyll and Hyde personal brand that confuses potential and existing clients.

Be Open

In any business or career, you will constantly be brought face to face with people from different backgrounds, with their own unique views and experiences. While showcasing your own identity will make you stand out, remember to keep an open mind when encountering others.

Listen carefully, show a willingness to learn and refrain from imposing your own ideals. You’ll find that even the people you least expected to like will in time become trusted business partners.

Be Dynamic

Like any brand, your personal profile shouldn’t be a static entity that never changes. As you gain new ideas, unlock new experiences and meet new people, it’s inevitable that your identity will shift and evolve. So don’t restrict yourself to the same script when networking, blogging or posting on social media.

Be willing to share your experiences as you learn and grow, to retain the interest of your audience and make your persona a journey that people can relate to – after all, you’re only human!

When defining your personal brand, pinpoint the qualities that make you unique. Why would someone choose to work with you over anyone else in the field? Embrace your nuances and remember to be consistent with your clients, colleagues and prospects. Keep an open mind to new challenges and experiences. In doing so, you’ll create a personal profile that adds value to your business and drives long-term success.

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