Social Media: Why Bother?

Your online brand presence is significantly enhanced by an active and engaging social media strategy. Merely being an observer of social channels gives you insight into the goings-on within your industry and your local community, whilst keeping you updated on competitor activity. More than this though, through regular interaction with your followers, the local media, thought leaders and other relevant stakeholders, you make a serious impact on your businesses reputation and your bottom line. Below we have detailed just a few benefits for being social media savvy.

Social marketing builds brand awareness, boosts web traffic and leads to loyal customers.

An active and well-managed social media presence will drive relevant traffic to your website (thus, maximising its effectiveness and achieving a return on investment) and contributes to search engine optimisation. This all helps interested people to find your services, thus increasing brand awareness and, in turn, growing your business.

Connect with (and learn from) stakeholders whilst informing your marketing strategy

Social media represents a communication channel that lets you interact with the people and organisations that make a difference to you and your business (for example; customers, influencers and opinion leaders, suppliers and partners, investors and the media). At the very least, you can read their posts and status updates to get insights into important issues they are discussing and that might impact upon your industry and your business.  Building an understanding of their daily lives, their wants, needs and interests is all likely to drive well-informed adjustments to your marketing strategy.

Interaction and engagement with relevant individuals helps to promote your business as it enables you to reach larger audiences who are interested in what you have to share. You can also use social media as a tool for connecting with complementary, non-competing businesses to get great ideas for promoting your business and managing administration, human resources and a whole plethora of other useful things – and of course (last but not least), to monitor competitor activity.

Respond to problems immediately – and share endorsements

Research has proven that consumers appreciate companies that respond to their complaints – and social media has become a popular channel for airing such grievances. Most businesses will find people talking about them online,  whether they are present and listening, or not. Feedback you get in the process of social media marketing will highlight any issues so you can take immediate steps to resolve them. Similarly, if you do a good job, your social media savvy customers are likely to share their praise online – which does wonders for your reputation.

Brand loyalty

Brands with active social media profiles have more loyal customers. When you’re engaging and interacting on social media you present the people behind the business - lending personality to your brand. At the end of the day, people do business with other people who they like and respect - so an active presence on social media is something you simply cannot do business without.


Need help with setting up and managing your social presence?

Give us a call! We run workshops to give you the skills to handle social media in-house, or we can create a strategy and implement it for you.

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