Top Apps for Busy People

Technology, by and large, has had a wondrous impact on our social and professional lives. The latter sphere, in particular, is being transformed by the armada of new tech hitting the market and reshaping the way we manage our hectic work schedules. As office culture melts further into our leisure time, asking us to be switched on and capable at all hours of the day, there are dozens of apps to lighten the mental load. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Trello

Remote teamwork is becoming more prevalent as professionals connect and collaborate over long distances. However, keeping on top of who’s doing what, can be a nightmare. Trello gives a bright, intuitive overview of any assignment, the digital equivalent of a whiteboard scrawled with key information. Colour codes, checklists and segmented, delegated project ‘cards’ keep everyone organised and in the loop.

2. Focus Booster

When the work day consists of spinning a dozen plates at once, it helps to get some perspective on how efficient you are, moment to moment. The Pomodoro Technique – working in 25-minute bursts, followed by a short break – has won over many converts as a tonic for mental agility.

Those who swear by this method might want to try Focus Booster, an app that measures how much time you spend on each task. It’ll automatically sound when you should move onto something else – a boon for people who lose their handle on where the hours have gone.

3. Slack

The name invites negative connotations, but Slack is anything but harmful to business efficiency. It provides open or private channels of conversation between team-members, making ideas far easier to share. Channels can be sorted by topics, projects or specific groups like ‘marketing’ and ‘admin’. This is especially useful in large corporate environments where departments liaise internally and with one another.

4. Cozi

This app found its first audience in the domestic market, as a great platform for planning day-to-day family activities. However, those in a maelstrom of professional work are finding out just how beautifully it sets out duties, meetings and calendar reminders throughout the week. Emails can be dispatched to remind your colleagues of an appointment before it takes place; your daily to-do list is mapped out and you can filter who should be nudged with individual contact codes.

Professional life is rarely a breeze, yet it can sweep you off your feet if you’re not careful. To manage your workload and minimise stress, these are just some of the applications we’re bowled over by. What’s truly exciting is that there are many more being developed, thanks to pioneers in the IT sector shaping the future as we know it.

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