Building a Website is like Building a Home – Here’s Why

All too often, we see websites thrown together in a hurry and left to go stale as their launch goes unnoticed by the rest of the digital world. This is a huge shame and a missed opportunity for the brands behind these websites, especially as it becomes ever more difficult to stand out online.

To understand the process of designing, developing and launching a website, think of it as your virtual home. Let’s take a look at how building your site is very much like building a house…

Bricks and Mortar

Strong foundations are fundamental when building any home – the same goes for your website. To ensure that your online presence has staying power, and can evolve as your business does, it’s important to think carefully about the purpose of your website.

Do you want the focus to be on your products and services, the sectors you work with or the story behind your brand? The site map is vital to this end, the blueprint on which your website – and its focus - will be built.

As a result, creating a website is as much a brand-building exercise as anything else. You should have a clear understanding of your brand, its identity and its direction before you begin, in order to determine what your website will focus on and who it should appeal to.

No Place Like Home

With the structural foundations of your ‘house’ in place, it’s time to consider interior design. The devil is in the detail when creating your website, so don’t cut corners when ‘decorating’ your humble online abode.

From the images on your landing page to the words that bring your brand to life, make your house a home that you’ll love for years to come, by getting the finer details right first time. Make sure that every element of your website reinforces your branding, including the graphic design, content and visual aids such as video and photography.

Plan a Housewarming

You wouldn’t move into a new home without sending change of address cards. Most people would also take the time to meet their neighbours and throw a housewarming party that brings together friends and relatives. A similar analogy can be drawn with your website. Once your carefully crafted site is complete, don’t sit back and wait for visitors to come knocking…

Open the door to a warm welcome by spreading the word about your new website. Publish your site on social media and perhaps throw a competition or promotion to celebrate your launch. In doing so, you can drive traffic to your website and create a buzz about your brand.

You wouldn’t settle for shoddy workmanship when investing in property. Nor would you move unannounced into a new home. So apply the same logic when building your website to ensure that every element is just right. Invest in your website and market it well to ensure your online presence gets the attention it deserves.

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