When social media posts go wrong ...

Social media has become a mirror of our daily lives, and a portal that gives a carefully constructed insight into the brands and people we follow. This can be a powerful privilege – nowadays, it’s easier to keep in touch than ever – but it also comes with risks. 

When communicating with your friends, family and customers online, it’s remarkably easy for things to be misconstrued. The consequences can range from the hilarious to the downright embarrassing, so take a leaf out of our book by steering clear of these common pitfalls:

Mind the grammar gap

Some of the best social media posts are those that are live, impulsive and reactive to events as they happen. That said, rule number one is to always proofread your posts. We would even go a step further and advise you to read your words aloud. Nobody is perfect where spelling and punctuation is concerned, so double-checking your posts can prevent easy mistakes from slipping through.

Not only is it embarrassing to send out content that’s riddled with typos; it can also change the meaning of your message…

Darin Mclure

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Two-faced tweeting

As a business owner or marketing manager, you probably find yourself handling multiple accounts on each social media platform. So we simply can’t emphasise enough how important it is to check (and check again!) that you’ve chosen the right account before you publish a post.

It wouldn’t be too catastrophic to publish a business update on your personal profile. However, it goes without saying that your customers don’t need to know about your embarrassing #WineOclock moment or hear your commentary on Big Brother. Red Cross learned this the hard way with their Twitter fail a few years ago… don’t make the same mistake!

Giving the game away

When you’re posting on social media, it’s often easy to forget - especially in the heat of the moment - who is reading. Always post with discretion and take care not to give away secrets, confidential information or details that your contacts might not want to see in a social media context.

It’s also worth considering whether your privacy settings - or your posts themselves - will promote your precise whereabouts (here’s a lesson from the Kardashians.)

The delicate balance of business relationships can easily be upset with one clumsy tweet or update. Revealing confidential information about clients or alluding to meetings with competitors, for example, can upset your network... So think twice before you post about your comings and goings, to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.

Social media can make or break a brand. Manage your presence well, and it can do wonders for your reputation; make a blunder, and you’ll quickly lose face amongst your audience.

Want to brush up your LinkedIn skills, or improve an employee’s grasp of Twitter? Whatever your needs, our social media training can help you master the do’s and don’ts of digital marketing.

*Photo credit: Darin McClure  

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