While the Cat’s Away: Managing Leave Within Your Marketing Team

Holidays, sick leave and maternity leave can upset the apple cart for any business. With one less person to tackle the workflow, it can be tempting to scale back on aspects of your business that aren’t vital to the day-to-day running of your operations. However, marketing is one business function that shouldn’t be neglected for any period of time.

Enlisting external support is a smart solution for businesses facing constraints on their time, filling the gap left by an employee whilst bringing long-term benefits to your organisation. How? Why? Let us explain…

Picking up the slack

Team members responsible for planning or implementing elements of your marketing strategy, such as social media or blogging, can be sorely missed when they take time off work. Don’t expect your other employees to simply pick up the slack during their absence. A lack of specialist skills or workload capacity can quickly result in uncompleted tasks stacking up, with no accountability for missed deadlines or breakdowns in communication. Meanwhile, employees who do take on additional responsibilities can soon be left feeling overworked and undervalued.

Taking on a temporary employee to cover longer term absences such as maternity leave or sickness can be a risky business. You want an experienced marketer who can step straight into the shoes of your absent team member, without the extra expense and hassle of hiring and training a new recruit. For short-term holiday cover, recruitment simply isn’t an option. So how do you address the gap effectively?

Outsourced solutions are becoming increasingly popular as a way to minimise the impact of absent staff. An interim marketing manager or off-site maternity cover marketer can ensure that your strategy continues to be implemented during the absence of employees. With some careful prior planning, you can be certain that the absence of key team members won’t impact the development and growth of your business.

An external view, fresh ideas

Outsourced marketing can not only keep things ticking over, it can also move your strategy forward. Inspiration and strategic thinking can quickly dry up when daily marketing activity demands the constant attention of your team over months and years.

By bringing in an experienced marketer from outside the company, you can explore new ideas and techniques that you may not have pursued before, to secure the best possible return on investment from your marketing budget.

Fresh eyes on your marketing strategy could deliver valuable insights that will facilitate long-term business growth. Long after things have returned to normal, you could still be benefitting from your outsourced marketing service. You will also have introduced a new marketer to the business, who can step in and pick up pace quickly should you need them again in the future.

Make sure that staffing problems don’t jeopardise the success of business, by investing in cover for sick leave, holidays and maternity leave. Whether you want a team player to get hands-on with implementing your day-to-day tactical marketing activity, or you need a leader to manage your team and define your approach, external support is a flexible and stress-free solution for businesses facing absent staff.

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